Nintendo High (Ep 8) – The Grand Finale

Class is now in session! Join Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Donkey Kong, and other iconic Nintendo characters as they encounter their biggest adventure yet: high school! Nintendo High is a brand new web series following all the classic characters you know and love with a brand new twist!
It’s the final showdown in the epic season finale of Nintendo High! Mario, Luigi, and the heroes of the school face off against Bowser and the villains!


Writing, Direction, Production, and Editing by Joe Zampirri
@nintendo.high on tik tok
Illustration & Coloring by Joseph Amaro
Editing & Sound Design by Nick Senny
Music Production & Composition by Nicholas Breitmayer

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SFXs were either produced personally or from (Creative Commons 0) / Zapsplat.

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