HW News – AMD Zen 4 & RDNA3 Update, Intel 12th Gen Response, PS5 SSD Support, AMD “NUC”

This week: a roadmap on AMD Zen4, V-Cache, & RDNA3, SK Hynix gets ready for DDR5 mass production, Sapphire makes a case, & Newegg accidentally let people buy GPUs at MSRP.
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00:00 – Recapping the Week
01:00 – GN Right to Repair Fundraiser Results
05:47 – AMD Zen 4, RDNA3, & V-Cache Timelines
07:25 – AMD Cyan Skillfish APUs with RDNA
08:47 – SK Hynix DDR5 Mass Production Incoming
09:50 – TSMC Forges Ahead With 2nm Process Plans
12:22 – Newegg Fixes Exploit Allowing People to Buy Things
14:49 – Sapphire Enters The Crowded PC Case Market
18:19 – Rumor: Intel Alder Lake Running Behind Schedule
20:03 – AMD Q22021 Earnings: $3.85B
23:08 – Sony PS5 SSD Wants $275 for 1TB
24:13 – AMD Files for 4700SNUC”-Like Kit

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